Sunday, 15 April 2012


Here is the story of my pretentiousness. It was about my secret love of chamber. Today is the day that we both suppose to celebrate our fifth anniversary, together as a couple of love. No, no the truth is, we just make it three, too bed is it. So today is the day that we both should be a celebrating of our second years of our separation. Yes I do, I do my live was not the same as I had before, and my live become more cheer and better with her out of the picture. If you can see it, there is smile draws in my face while my typing this journal. However, it is just an outside view of me; you might see it better with cheer. On the inside of me, there is an empty space which is dark and full of sorrow, echoing your name every single moment and hoping for you return to light up my life again. Every second moment I had with you was the best moment that I am never regret because you are my peak of love. Loving you is the besting I could ever remember. I do want you and will wait till the time come; I am saving myself for you I heard you so much.

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