Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Most Impact Short Stories

Based on my experienced by reading the compilation on the book ‘The Merlion and The Hibiscus, Contemporary Short Stories from Singapore and Malaysia’ book, I am realized that the short story that giving me the most impact is, a  short story that entitled ‘AWOL’ by Umej Bhatia. The title itself hooked me with thousand of question because I did not know does the meaning of the word ‘AWOL’ by the end of the story, I summarized that Agamemnon Raja Tan, the main character of this story leave his duty as RSM Lance Corporal behind just to be together with his girlfriend, Ranita Ismail. The best part of this story that grab my attention until I keep thinking with full of question were actually about the character and characteristic. Agamemnon characteristic reminds me about myself. I do sometimes I cannot even manage myself, between carrier and personal and sometime I lost my passion on what I do then giving up for something because of other things. Basically, ‘AWOL’ short story is a good short story for those who really love romantic and military stories.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How women are treated in some societies.

In this era of modern globalization, we clearly can see lots of changes had happen in our society.  Day by day lots of cases had happen and women continuously being harassed especially young children. In some factor that occur this matter was actually due to the lack of religion guidance.  Furthermore, the hierarchy, and socioeconomic status of children in some societies are also the reasons why young children especially girls being abused. In addition, in some society they believed that women especially young girls are low class human because they have lack of intelligent and strength and they easily being used as a sexual tools to satisfy their lust. Nevertheless, as wise man, a leader, and guidance we need to stand up and show the society in what manners that we should treat the women are and lead them to the right path by giving a right guide, protection, and morale support because women usually cannot think rationally in making decision and simply followed the situation emotionally.  Children especially girls are weak minded and they are tend to be fooled around by people especially among the men which is why they are constantly being bullied and abused in a society. 

Monday, 16 April 2012


Based on the short story Mariah, the character that I would prefer to change is the Imam, because I feel that the character was not reflecting the true character and behaviour of Imam. In my opinion the Imam character should be very patient and wise. He should know the matter of giving birth is something related to god matter, and he should patient and pray for that. Imam should not simply take the reason with rush by marrying Mariah. Instead of Marrying Mariah, Imam should consider a few options such as, adopt a step child. In addition Imam should be wiser on making a decision; he should know the consequences that will occur in future. For instance the Imam reminded of his life in Pattani and how he met with the Sheikh's daughter and how he got disappointed with the syeikh, just because the syeikh married his daughter to someone else instead of him and therefore he married Mariah because she reminded the Imam of Syeikh's daughter, the lady she met was nothing but a shadow in the past and there is no use of remembering the past since there is no benefit he could gain from there. Nevertheless, Imam was not thinks about other people feeling and he should pay more attention toward their feeling, especially his wife.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Letter to someone that matters the most.

Dear Feefa,

If I am going to die tomorrow, I just want you to know that ever since the day when I last saw your face, I can feel the distance are hard to bear and I cannot seem to keep my two feet on the ground, constantly wondering but these are the ties that bind. Do you remember when we both celebrating our first anniversary?  We stared eyes to eyes; having some pizza with ‘Staying Alive’ as the sound and drink Fanta orange that was so cute. You are so different than the other girls that I ever met, you opened my eyes, opened my mind, and you changed the world for me. So I am writing these words for you I hope you will hear and I hope you will know. If today I am gone, please keep the faith that nothing can matters us anymore, even seas may divide and mountains block our view, so far out of sight but you are always in my thoughts.  As the sun it sets today, your star will always lead the way, anywhere and though we are always far apart, keep remember you are the present here in my heart, everywhere.


Here is the story of my pretentiousness. It was about my secret love of chamber. Today is the day that we both suppose to celebrate our fifth anniversary, together as a couple of love. No, no the truth is, we just make it three, too bed is it. So today is the day that we both should be a celebrating of our second years of our separation. Yes I do, I do my live was not the same as I had before, and my live become more cheer and better with her out of the picture. If you can see it, there is smile draws in my face while my typing this journal. However, it is just an outside view of me; you might see it better with cheer. On the inside of me, there is an empty space which is dark and full of sorrow, echoing your name every single moment and hoping for you return to light up my life again. Every second moment I had with you was the best moment that I am never regret because you are my peak of love. Loving you is the besting I could ever remember. I do want you and will wait till the time come; I am saving myself for you I heard you so much.