Sunday, 15 April 2012

Letter to someone that matters the most.

Dear Feefa,

If I am going to die tomorrow, I just want you to know that ever since the day when I last saw your face, I can feel the distance are hard to bear and I cannot seem to keep my two feet on the ground, constantly wondering but these are the ties that bind. Do you remember when we both celebrating our first anniversary?  We stared eyes to eyes; having some pizza with ‘Staying Alive’ as the sound and drink Fanta orange that was so cute. You are so different than the other girls that I ever met, you opened my eyes, opened my mind, and you changed the world for me. So I am writing these words for you I hope you will hear and I hope you will know. If today I am gone, please keep the faith that nothing can matters us anymore, even seas may divide and mountains block our view, so far out of sight but you are always in my thoughts.  As the sun it sets today, your star will always lead the way, anywhere and though we are always far apart, keep remember you are the present here in my heart, everywhere.

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