Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Most Impact Short Stories

Based on my experienced by reading the compilation on the book ‘The Merlion and The Hibiscus, Contemporary Short Stories from Singapore and Malaysia’ book, I am realized that the short story that giving me the most impact is, a  short story that entitled ‘AWOL’ by Umej Bhatia. The title itself hooked me with thousand of question because I did not know does the meaning of the word ‘AWOL’ by the end of the story, I summarized that Agamemnon Raja Tan, the main character of this story leave his duty as RSM Lance Corporal behind just to be together with his girlfriend, Ranita Ismail. The best part of this story that grab my attention until I keep thinking with full of question were actually about the character and characteristic. Agamemnon characteristic reminds me about myself. I do sometimes I cannot even manage myself, between carrier and personal and sometime I lost my passion on what I do then giving up for something because of other things. Basically, ‘AWOL’ short story is a good short story for those who really love romantic and military stories.

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