Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How women are treated in some societies.

In this era of modern globalization, we clearly can see lots of changes had happen in our society.  Day by day lots of cases had happen and women continuously being harassed especially young children. In some factor that occur this matter was actually due to the lack of religion guidance.  Furthermore, the hierarchy, and socioeconomic status of children in some societies are also the reasons why young children especially girls being abused. In addition, in some society they believed that women especially young girls are low class human because they have lack of intelligent and strength and they easily being used as a sexual tools to satisfy their lust. Nevertheless, as wise man, a leader, and guidance we need to stand up and show the society in what manners that we should treat the women are and lead them to the right path by giving a right guide, protection, and morale support because women usually cannot think rationally in making decision and simply followed the situation emotionally.  Children especially girls are weak minded and they are tend to be fooled around by people especially among the men which is why they are constantly being bullied and abused in a society. 

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