Monday, 16 April 2012


Based on the short story Mariah, the character that I would prefer to change is the Imam, because I feel that the character was not reflecting the true character and behaviour of Imam. In my opinion the Imam character should be very patient and wise. He should know the matter of giving birth is something related to god matter, and he should patient and pray for that. Imam should not simply take the reason with rush by marrying Mariah. Instead of Marrying Mariah, Imam should consider a few options such as, adopt a step child. In addition Imam should be wiser on making a decision; he should know the consequences that will occur in future. For instance the Imam reminded of his life in Pattani and how he met with the Sheikh's daughter and how he got disappointed with the syeikh, just because the syeikh married his daughter to someone else instead of him and therefore he married Mariah because she reminded the Imam of Syeikh's daughter, the lady she met was nothing but a shadow in the past and there is no use of remembering the past since there is no benefit he could gain from there. Nevertheless, Imam was not thinks about other people feeling and he should pay more attention toward their feeling, especially his wife.

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